Winter Storm Viola

February 2021

Volt Power sent over 80 crews from Texas through West Virginia to restore power for the 2021 winter ice storms, Viola and Uri.  Although challenging conditions, Volt Crews were at their best helping customers return power after extended outages.

A call into the Volt Storm Center from Angela in McKenney, VA was an honor to receive when she praised the Volt Power crews.  She explained the Volt Power crews were able to restore power where several other contractors were not able in the rough terrain.  When the Volt Power crews showed up, they quickly got power back on but noticed some of the poles were split & damaged.  So, the Volt crew called in for pole replacements, and before you knew it poles arrived, the crews swapped the poles, and never lost power doing so.

“I was so happy and impressed with their concern and work. They really didn’t want to leave without everything being just right…or we would likely lose power again”. She specifically mentioned their patch “I am my brother keeper” and thought that was awesome, for she stated it was not just a patch, it was their attitude and their way. Angela also recognized how difficult the storm and ice conditions Volt Crews work in, and often they are away from their families. She was really overwhelmed that these guys would be out doing this just to get a customer’s power on, and all with smile and laugh. “I just love these guys”.