Our Storm

From Hurricanes and Floods to Tornadoes and Ice Storms, Our Fast Response Times and Focus On Safety Provide the Solution You Need

Volt has proudly supported every hurricane event since its inception. Our crews are storm professionals who have experience in emergency response situations for utilities. Along with experienced troubleshooting skills, they are respectful and safe professionals who respond quickly and professionally.


Need help with storm or emergency response? Our experienced crews are available 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.


Storm & Emergency Response by the Numbers

150 +

Always ready, always prepared to restore power due to hurricanes, tornadoes, icing, and storms.

995000 +

Our dedicated heroes with troubleshooting experience and professionalism to respond anytime, anywhere for an emergency response.


During each hurricane event, Volt Power supports and average of 12 electrical service providers. Our readiness to respond quickly to severe weather events is our trademark.

volt crews in bucket trucks responding after a major hurricane event

Our Storm Response Capabilities

In the wake of damaging storms, we stay focused on our core values of quality, integrity and safety as we work quickly, around the clock, to restore power to populations in need. We place equipment strategically so that it is ready when we need it. We maintain experienced and skilled workforces in multiple regions who stay ready to deploy at a moment’s notice. Our team of storm assessors and our storm response center mean we’re always ready to mobilize for emergency response. Our storm and emergency response services include:

  • 24X7 ready response
  • Safety-conscious work crews
  • Experience in restoration of transmission and distribution infrastructure
  • Multi-year storm contracts with several major utilities
  • Trained & Qualified Storm Assessors

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