Joint Use

We Stay on Top of Changing Regulations and FCC Rules to Provide Modern Services for an Expanding Grid

From OTMR (one touch make ready) to small cell / macro cell 5G Build-Out, you can trust Volt Power’s Joint Use engineering team to stay on top of modern joint use practices and technological innovations. We manage the design, construction, regulatory and contractual oversight of all third-party telecommunication, cable to commence construction of proposed attachments.

Joint Use by the Numbers


In 1996 floodgates opened when new laws required utility pole owners to consider requests by joint users. Refusals must be based on solid engineering calculations, taking into account all physical considerations and stresses on the poles.


Pole owners have just 10 days to accept or reject joint use applications. Let Volt Power manage every step of the joint use process. From the initial permit application to pole loading analysis to the completion of transfer or construction.

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As the demand for electricity and telecommunications grows, the need to leverage existing infrastructure also grows. Volt Power will help you manage this growth.

volt power performs joint use audits

Our Joint Use Capabilities

Volt Power provides complete solutions to meet the needs of your joint-use program. We are a qualified supplier for the major telecommunications companies. Our technicians complete a thorough field inventory of poles, carefully documenting attachments and recording the locations and ownership of each pole. Volt also manages attachment requests, permitting, and safety audits with the expertise of our joint use engineering and design team. Our joint use services include:
  • One Touch Make Ready
  • Attachment audits
  • Attachment permitting
  • Safety audits
  • Storm assessment
  • Design engineering
  • GIS mapping
  • Right of Way permitting

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