Transmission Line Upgrade

Gulf Coast – Volt Power performed a line upgrade in the downtown area of Panama City Beach.  The project was done in a short turnaround time for 5 miles of transmission line.  The new concrete poles, all in excess of 100’, were direct embed and designed for storm hardening.  The project layout was challenging, including […]

New Transmission Construction

138KV Transmission Project

Dayton, TX – Volt Power built over 9.5 miles of new construction, double-circuit 795kcm Aluminum Conductor Steel Reinforced, Optical Ground Wires, and Overhead Ground Wire Lightning Protection. This consisted of installing 98 steel structures, 73 direct embedded, and 23 anchor bolt self-supporting structures.

Transmission Rebuild

Hickory Grove, SC – Volt Power performed an eight-mile transmission rebuild. This consisted of constructing a temporary transmission line, followed by the demolition of the existing line, and then the construction of the new 115KV transmission line. Line construction was in rough terrain and was made up of both steel foundation structures and steel direct […]

Transmission Line Upgrade

Orlando, FL – Volt Power completed a project in the swampy area outside of Orlando which included a 230-line upgrade consisted of the use of large Caisson foundation steel structures ranging from 105-125’, hefty conductor sizes from 1590 to 2760 kcmil, and heavy rigging performed throughout the expansion. The upgrade included connections between two power […]