Distribution Hardening

Florida & Gulf Coast – Volt Power has been integral in working with utilities in hardening their grid to withstand hurricane-force winds.   This includes a combination of installing concrete power poles, shortening the span between poles, and placing some sections of power lines underground. Furthermore, Volt Power performs daily maintenance and troubleshooting in the area. […]

Distribution Rebuild

Dallas, TX – Volt Power was selected to complete a significant overhead power distribution crossing over the 635 loop which circles Dallas, TX. This project entailed the drilling and pouring of deep foundations set up to carry 85’ structures across its 8-lane highway. Work was completed on time with no incidents, and effectively as possible. […]

Overhead Distribution Reconduct

Alba, TX – Volt Power completed a challenging reconduct and reconstruct 4-month job in Alba, TX to help enable a dedicated overhead distribution circuit to a gas compressor station outside of Dallas. This work spanned over 11 miles, 7 of which being double circuit work. The work was completed on time and safely by experienced Volt […]

Underground Distribution Installation

Cleveland, TX – Volt Power continues to support the development of the Santa Fe subdivision. Starting in 2019, Volt has installed underground and overhead power to over 5400 lots. This includes the installation of over 785 transformers, over 300 poles spanning over 15 miles. Volt continues to support the development with our overhead and underground […]