Joint Use Permitting

joint use project - Louisiana

Louisiana – Volt provides Joint Use Permitting, which includes processing, assessing, designing and post inspections services under the terms and conditions of a five year services agreement.

Pineville, LA Substation

substation project pineville, la

Pineville, LA – Greenfield substation construction including foundations, grounding, conduit, steel erection, electrical equipment, bus, control house installation, control wiring including terminations and rock installation for a new substation design. Work was completed on time meeting all project requirements.

230kV Substation

substation project - Apex, NC

Apex, NC – Residential growth created a need to expand the capacity of the an existing substation. Our scope included the removal of one 24kV feeder breaker, three 432kVA feeder regulators and one 230kV disconnect switch. In addition to the equipment removals, a 24kV temporary mobile bus was removed. Additions to the substation included two […]

Green & Brown Field

substation project goldsboro, nc

Goldsboro, NC – A green field installation was performed of new 115kV substation ground grid, conduit, foundations, steel structure, oil containment, control house and fine grade and rock. Additionally, the crews performed the brown field decommission of the existing station. They removed existing steel, equipment and foundations. Crews installed substation on existing site including the […]

138KV Project

138KV Transmission Project

Dayton, TX – Volt built 9.5 miles of new construction, double circuit 795kcm ACSR, OPGW and OHGW. This consisted of installing 98 steel structures, 73 direct embedded and 23 anchor bolt self-supporting structures.

Transmission 69KV Rebuild

Ozona, TX

Ozona, TX – This transmission project consisted of 76 total structures (steel), 4 angles, 2 dead ends, and 70 braced-post tangent structures. Angles and dead-end structures are on anchor bolt foundations, all tangents were direct embedded. Volt installed new a series of new conductor: 795 KCMIL ACSS 26/7 “DRAKE”, OPGW and OHGW; as well as […]